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The capital of Ukraine ...

What city is the capital of Ukraine? I’m sure you know the answer; because it’s impossible not to know and not to love Kyiv (sometimes it is spelled Kiev). The most beautiful and gorgeous city of the country. Kyiv is not only a capital; it’s a huge social centre of Ukraine. The biggest part of the business links and relations is situated in Kyiv! Great educational system, political center and main economical city of the country - that is all about Kiev! The city is situated in the north part of Ukraine. It places on the both banks of the river Dnepr.  The right bank is known for its hills and historical centers. And the left bank is completely plain and consists of residential and commercial buildings.

In Europe this city is broadly-known thanks to the cultural heritage it has. Lots of tourists come here annually to visit the churches and cathedrals of Kyiv. Such places as for example Cathedral of St. Sophia and Ukrainian Baroque church of St. Andrew are known for their beauty and interesting history. Pecherska Lavra is an outstanding holly place, where thousands of tourists come to pay honor to mummified saints that lay in the caves. Podol is one of the oldest places in Kiev and it still keeps the atmosphere of the earliest times. Golden Gates is the monument which was built in the 11th century. Cathedral of St. Volodymyr is visited a lot for its various architectural forms. And it’s not the whole list of the sights which you can visit in Kiev. Even standing on the hill which is situated in the center of the city, from where you can admire the Dnipro, Podol and the left bank is rather exciting and inspiring. Walking around the city parks and valleys, admiring the nationality of Ukrainians impresses all the guest of the country.

Kyiv is loved by Europeans because of the city’s special spirit.  Its ancient monuments and buildings can share its experience with you while walking around the city. Numerous museums and theatres can entertain you any time you want. A great number of special entertaining centers, cinemas, night-clubs, coffee-houses and sophisticated restaurants - those are in Kiev! Thousands of people, national mentality and the mix of modern and ancient – this is the description of Kyiv which you are going to see, when you visit the capital of Ukraine. Some shots of this impressive city are situated below: